It’s no secret that Google  wants to dominate the Cellular Phone Marketplace with its GOOGLES ANDROIDS platform.

Latest information shows that the product sales of GOOGLES ANDROIDS PHONES have over run mobile phones with the Microsoft Windows platform.

Product sales of smart phones that employ the Android platform have taken roughly 10% of mobile handsets sold worldwide.  Also this only the outcome in the 1st quarter of this year.  We are vigilant that this is a gigantic boost on the 1.6 market share Google it grasped last year at this time.  Windows Mobile dependent  smart phones were not as popular by users in the same time frame.  In actual fact, Windows Mobile Devices product sales that had  accounted for 6.8 per cent of all mobile phones sales in the same time frame are at the moment  behind from 10.2 per cent in the first quarter of last year.

In addition, earlier this month, the  analyst firm, NPD Group, reported that smart phones with the Googles Androids platform accounted for 28 per cent of all smart phone product sales in North America.  Now associate this to the Apple iPhone’s 21 per cent marketplace share.   In contrast, BlackBerry mobile phones (made by Research in Motion (RIM), continue to dominate.  In reality, RIM enjoys 36% of the mobile phone market in the US, in the 1st of 2010.

Googles Androids are somewhat new on the cellular phone scene but they have been taking over like a tornado.  The statistics shows that smart phones with  Googles Androids platform are being bought at remarkable rates.  Consider that the very first Google Android based mobile phones merely went on sale in October of 2008.  As of that time a lot of other phone manufacturers have adopted the Android platform, including such corporations as HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericson.  According to Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt Android phones are being produced at a rate of 60,000 per day.

Analyst Caroling Milanesi who works for Gartner believes that this upward  momentum is the direct outcome of intensive advertising.  This marketing is evident when you go online.  It seems like every website you check out that uses Google’s Adsense, is running advertisements for cellphones that have the Google  Android application.

It seems Google has the monopoly on advertising in the world.  It has in a awfully short period branded the Google Android.  There appears little that its competition can do to slow them down at this time.  We assume Googles Androids to be a household name in 2010.

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Hacker and programmer David Wang has at last done it. He has hacked Apple’s iPhone. Wang has effectively booted the iPhone with Google’s Android.

This is certainly quite an triumph: booting Google’s Android operating system on Apple’s iPhone

David Wang, full fledged member of the a unit identified as “The iPhone Development Team,” which is devoted to hacking iPhones. In the last few days he posted a video revealing the Google’s Android on an iPhone.

The video reveals the booting procedure complete with the Tux Linux mascot. Plus it shows Wang using the Google Droid for surfing the internet, getting a text message, answering a phone call and playing music. Wang has the iPhone set up with a dual-boot configuration. You can observe this as Wang begins the video with the iPhoine running on its OS.

David Wang voluntarily admits that his hack is not production-quality at this time. He states that the hack is still in its Alpha stage but he claims that the whole thing works regarding functionality.

Wang’s Droid patch on the iPhone is quite a technical achievement Some state it will not transform the industry nor the behavior of mainstream users. The one remarkable thing Wangs hack does make obvious is that the iPhone may be compromised even with its grasp on the source code.

David Wang notes that he has been working on his hack since 2008. The video he uses to reveal his successful hack is done with a first-generation iPhone. But, newer iPhones are also prone to be compromised by this hack.

Wang claims that it ought to be easy to port forward to the iPhone 3G. He admits that the 3GS will take additional work however. Wang’s dream is to make the Google Droid a viable alternative or supplement for the iPhone and maybe we can at last include Flash.


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As the popularity of HTC Magic arises from UK earlier this year. T-Mobile has announced its new smart phone called as My Touch 3G which is also known as Android phone. T-Mobile claims to meet the demands of a feature rich phone.

T-Mobile is releasing My Touch 3G with extra features and quality. It has a smaller form and it can be coordinated with Outlook Microsoft. T-Mobile My Touch 3G Google’s Android phone touch screen is made by HTC. The fully touch screen handset will include a 3.2 mega-pixel camera, Wi-Fi, HSDPA and Bluetooth connectivity, along with 512MB internal memory that is flexible up to 16 GB with the use of Micro SD memory card.

T-Mobile is planning to sell My Touch 3G for $200 with a two-year service contract.

T-Mobile My Touch 3G phone is very eye-catching as Vodafone’s HTC Magic.

My Touch 3G Specifications are as follows:

* Camera: 3.2 Mega Pixels Resolution
* OS: Android
* Battery: Li – Ion, 1340 Mah
* Internet: Full HTML Browser
* Standby: 600 hours (25 days) of Stand-by time
* Touch Screen: 3.2-inches
* Resolution: 320 x 480 pixels
* Size: 4.45 x 2.19 x 0.58 inches (113 x 56 x 15 mm)
* Talk: 6 hours (360 minutes) of Talk time
* Voice: Dialing, Commands, Recording, Speaker Phone
* Network: GSM Quad-band phone capable of global roaming (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) UMTS dual-band global 3G (1700/2100 MHz)


Our team at www.googlesandroids.com rated this product as:

The Good: The HTC Magic is small but beautifully design phone with regards to its physical look. It will definitely appeal to the younger generation not only in its look but also its powerful feature and a very user friendly phone settings.

The Bad: The Photo and Video features are not so great because its only 3.2 megapixel  and the battery life is short specially when using the GPS.

Googles Androids rating is: